Welcome to BK Professional Counseling Center, LLC!


“I know one thing, I was inspired by Rhonda…if Rhonda can do it then I can do it.”


“I learned how to take care of me…I appreciated everyone’s story and to be able to tell my own.”


“That alcohol is an addiction, people who use drugs are self-medicating…listening to other people’s stories makes we not want to transcend and go back.”


“I learned how to start looking at myself and figuring out why I do what I do and how to change it.”


“I just know there is help out there for us. I have always gotten the help I needed and been blessed…I think I need to work on my relationship with my wife.”


“I learned how educated and wonderful you are as a counselor…I am doing a journal on you, me and the groups…I learned my lesson.”


“Drinking and driving is a bad decision, alcoholism is a disease.”


“I learned to not drink and drive, to hang out with the right crowd, to not hang out with people who use and abuse, I learned more about the laws and what continuation of using can do to the body and to your family.”


“The choices that I make in life…I try to make the right choices but I made that one bad decision that cost me a lot, but coming in here and seeing the videos and listening to people tell their stories really made me want to do better.”


“We all come from different walks of life…the people in AA started out the way I did.”


“From these meetings & the AA meetings, I need to think about the things I do…I learned that the way I was acting before was not normal.”


“This is a great place with great people.”


“A true commitment to help me get on the right path.”


“I gained more from this experience than I ever thought I would.”


“Learned to take care of myself, feel better, and stay sober.”


“I will use what I have learned in this class to better myself, love myself, and help others.”


Thank you for your services and the time you had with me to make my dreams come true.


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