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I am pleased to announce Drug-Alcohol Coalition of Iredell, in partnership with Iredell Health System, Mooresville Police Department, and Statesville Police Department, will be implementing “Syringe Safe Iredell” to ensure the safe disposal of needles, syringes, and other sharps for community members.

Each year, approximately 8 million people in the United States use more than 3 billion, needles, syringes, lancets, and EpiPen’s to manage medication conditions at home. People at the greatest risk of being stuck by used sharps include sanitation workers, maintenance staff, law enforcement officers, and children (Source: U.S. Environmental Protection Agency website).

Syringe Safe Iredell has been in planning the last 18 months, when our law enforcement partners brought to our attention needles and other sharps were being discarded in DACI sponsored medication drop boxes located throughout the county. After research, and speaking with community members, it was discovered there are no safe sharps disposal locations or free take back programs in Iredell County.

Initially, there will be 3 permanent disposal locations (Iredell Memorial Hospital, Mooresville Police Department, Statesville Police Department) along with community sharps collection events. Need for additional boxes will be assessed on an ongoing basis. Syringe Safe Iredell will officially launch Wednesday September 9th, with our first collection event at the Statesville Civic Center.

We appreciate your support in our combined efforts to keep Iredell safe.

Jill McLelland


Drug-Alcohol Coalition of Iredell

PO Box 425

Statesville, NC 28687



Free Recovery App Launches to Help During COVID-19 Shutdown

Free App to Support People in Recovery During COVID-19 Outbreak

As the nation grapples with COVID-19, it’s important to remember that social distancing doesn’t have to mean social isolation, especially for those of us in recovery from addiction, who rely on supportive networks as part of our healing.

To help support individuals in recovery from substance use disorder, Addiction Policy Forum has partnered with CHESS Health to launch the Connections App, a free smartphone app that is scientifically proven to support patients in recovery by reducing relapse and promoting pro-social engagement.

With the App You Can…

  • Track your sobriety,

  • Access e-therapy to learn new recovery skills,

  • Connect with trained counselors and peers through messaging,

  • Clinical support available 7 days/wk, 9am -10 pm EST

  • Track your treatment plan and set reminders,

  • Journal daily about your journey,

  • And discover helpful videos, testimonials and more through the unique resource library.

Watch the video: Connections App offers patients valuable functionality for the treatment & recovery journey.

Connections is backed by YEARS of Research

Connections is the only available app that is backed by years of research to support its provider-care management functionality, predictive relapse indicators, and analytics to reduce relapse.

To learn more and download the app, visit: https://www.addictionpolicy.org/connections-app

QuitlineNC Adds New Protocol for NC Residents with Behavioral Health Conditions

Starting June 26, 2019 QuitlineNC offers more services to North Carolina residents with behavioral health conditions. QuitlineNC will provide seven specialized tobacco treatment calls with quit coaches uniquely trained to work with those with behavioral health disorders, as well as 12 weeks of combination nicotine replacement therapy (patches plus gum or

lozenges). Participants can also use TTS Listserv – March ’17, July ’17 , May ’18, August ’18, October ’18, March ’19, June ’19 web coaching and texting to support their quit efforts. (See the attached Summary of Services for up-to-date information on all of the services provided by the QuitlineNC) Anyone enrolled in the behavioral health protocol can have a letter sent to their healthcare provider advising them that this person is working to become tobacco free. This protocol nearly doubles the likelihood that a participant with a behavioral health condition will become tobacco free, compared to in the standard set of services.

To access this tailored service, callers need to let the Quit Coach know about their behavioral health disorder and that their disorder will affect their ability to quit tobacco. To refer clients, send a fax referral form to QuitlineNC and remind them to say yes when their Quit Coach asks if their behavioral health condition will affect their ability to quit.



Treatment Resources for Recovery

Click Here https://www.detox.com/

Facing Addiction with NCADD


Over 500,000 lives have been lost from prescription opioids since 2000. One of the primary reasons is the lie perpetrated on all of us by opioid manufacturers and distributors.

Facing Addiction with NCADD has had enough – it’s time to stand up and shine light on the #OpioidLie. Will you join us in this fight? Click here if, like us, you’re ready to expose the #OpioidLie.

The lies of this industry are well documented. They’ve been covered by outlets from NPRBloombergUSA Today, and countless others. These stories lay out the simple facts:

  • There are 91 daily opioid overdose deaths in the United States
  • At least 2 million Americans are suffering from opioid use disorders
  • The total “economic burden” of prescription opioid misuse is $78.5 billion a year

We can’t go on this way – and we don’t have to. It’s going to take thousands of individuals across the country. Please stand with us today so that all of our friends, families, and neighbors can be informed on the #OpioidLie.


Michael King

Director of Outreach & Engagement



Who is Amber Davis

Amber Davis, a beautiful 27-year-old mother of three young children, fought a tremendous battle against neuroendocrine carcinoma cervical cancer. Unfortunately, she succumbed to the disease on July 27, 2015. Although she is no longer with us, her legacy continues. Through her faith, strength and dignity, she led and influenced many people to know Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior.