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History of Drinking

History of Drinking

I remember days as a child that my Dad and friends drank crappy beer (by today’s terms) out by the pool. It ·was a stapl1e of family /neighborhood cook-outs. My dad sat in the Lazy Boy recliner at night and always  had a, night cap.i would climb in his lap ,and take a sip,so that was probably the first thing.

Fast forward though, because           I was able to avoid for many years. I was in 8th grade, My friend’s parents were out of town and her then 20-something aunt decided it was a good idea to buy alcohol for her and her friends.”Cool Aunt”. NOT!!! DeeDee then tried to commit suicide that night, after (at 13) having too much Peach Schnapps. After the EMS and police left ,my mom picked me up, we called my pastor, and I have never touched anything peach flavored again.

I didn’t drink again until enticed by peer pressure at 15.First boyfriend, etc. It was short lived until was 20 and in college. I(regrettably) married at that age and we drank socially. Private parties, corporate  parties, new friend ,Vacations, etc.

I did go, through a sour spot with drinking 10 years ago. My marriage which lasted 22 years was falling apart. I was alone and trying to hold my household together. I realized I had to rise above and be better for my kids. I made good changes ln my life And then one stupid day changed it all.

One night. One bad decision. Wouldn’t wish on ANVONE!! Thankful that I have learned so much in the interim.

 What  l’ve learned about  DWl’s  at BK Counseling!

 Fortunately ,I have not had any experience whatsoever with the  world  of DWI / DUI in my  46 years until! 3 months ago. I guess I should say unfortunately  I had my experience  then.

Obviously, you’d have to pretty much be dead or off the grid to not know the dangers  that drinking and driving  cause. But the ramifications were news to  me.

The night  I had my our I was hurt, humiliated and shocked. I was thankful to, have someone rescue me ,even though I was a mere 500 yards from home. I was, in handcuffs, as a PTA mom, devoted loving mother who has done everything “right”. And then there is this.

So the things, I have learned……Mitigating and Aggravating fact1ors..WHAT? No Idea  that was a thing . As, I said l -this was allll new to me. thankfully  those things weighed in my favor. No minors ,no accident, no priors, just a really bad judgement call.

I have heard amazing stories about past experiences. that make you take pause, and  I am thankful for that I have shared stories from class so many times and I hope that I have helped others learn from what I have experienced! Probably the scariest thing was that I was completely cognizant (in my mind), during my DUI. The way that it affects your brain is something that people don’t realize and/or think about. I asked the score of the Carolina game. I listened to the officer tell the agistrate then she asked if I gave him any prob1ems – nope, nicest person I ever arrested. So that’s scary. In my head I was fine. Thankfully he was kind to me that night.

I have heard the stories of people who have NO REASON to get a DWI down to those who yeah ,it was a matter of time. I’m super thankful for those who needed help and sorry for those who fell to the system. But either Way, we’ve all learned in the process . Thank you, Rhonda,

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