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Fee Chart

$100                       DWI Assessment-Rate set by DWI Services in Raleigh. No DWI facility can charge you more than 100.00 for your DWI Assessment. If they attempt to charge you an administrative fee, etc. that is against Raleigh DWI Policy and Procedures, please report them at (919) 733-0566. They can only charge you 100.00 for the assessment and 10.00 for the driving record.

$100                       Driving While License Revoked Assessment-Rate set by DWI Services in Raleigh

$100                       DWI Review. This is when you took your classes at an Inpatient Facility or in prison or any other treatment facility that does not conduct DWI assessments and treatment and we do your DWI assessment and clear your license in Raleigh after gathering all pertinent information necessary to clear your DWI charge.

$75-100                 SA Assessment-For any drug/alcohol charges other than DWI. Cost depends on the requirements of the persons requesting the assessment.

$150-250              Out of State DWI Clearance(depends on intensity of work)

$100                       Anger Management Assessment

$20                         Group Session (SA) per hour-Tuesday and Thursday evening groups are two-hour groups and the Saturday morning group is a three-hour group. Collected the day of group. $50.00 discount for Paid in Full status at the beginning of Treatment or$50.00 discount to veterans.

$20                         Aftercare (from another program $20.00 per hour)Free aftercare from our program.

$60                         Individual sessions (SA)-Individual Substance Abuse Session.

$25                         Orientation Fee-Must complete prior to beginning treatment.

$160                       ADETS-16-Hour education class for DWI offender. Offered every 3 months.

$200                       PRIME FOR LIFE-16-Hour education class for Drug or Paraphernalia charge plus 25.00 fee for book-total=225.00. Offered every 3 months.

$50                         Drug Testing Feefor those not in treatment with BKPCC

$25                         Drug Testing Feeif in treatment with BKPCC-Given randomly and may not be given to each participant. Must be paid during next group session you attend.

$10                         Copy of your driving record per your request.

At least 60 percent of the services we provide are free to our clients. We offer many free services as listed on the website that you should explore. We offer free case management services and free aftercare services to all our clients regardless of how long you have been gone. If you come back for a different charge, then a new assessment must be completed on you due to state regulations.