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September 23, 2020

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Recovery Voices Count

We, the Recovery Community

Advocate. Act. Advance.

Election Day is less than 6-weeks away.

We, the Recovery Community, have a lot at stake on November 3rd – everything from COVID-19 relief to social and racial justice poses new and old challenges for our life-giving work.

We have to make sure recovery voices count. Every candidate, from county commissioner to President, has a role to play in supporting recovery from substance use disorder. Our job is to educate them, to remind them, to persuade them. Especially now, what elected officials do (or don’t do) has an enormous impact on recovery opportunities.

Faces & Voices needs you to be that teacher, that reminder, that persuader (and especially that voter!). Nothing is more meaningful to a candidate running for office than the authentic, well-informed voice of an engaged voter.

We are here to help.

Faces & Voices has launched a new web resource that provides action steps to give you a strong voice in this election. Go to facesandvoicesofrecovery.org for a wide range of message ideas, social and other media tips, and specific actions you and your community can take. It’s important to act now, and keep at it on a daily basis. Recovery issues are not well known or understood, and our work to educate and persuade must be constant, one day at a time.

Most important, we need to elect candidates who will step up in these frightening times. The recovery community needs elected officials who will do more, not less, and realize the crisis of substance use disorders has grown, not diminished.

Visit: Recovery Voices Count
So, in the next six weeks, get active. Help people register to vote. Examine candidates’ views on recovery. Talk to your neighbors.  Tweet, post, persuade, and vote!

That’s how we make recovery count this election year. It may be a new kind of service, it may be hard, but the responsibilities and rewards of this human right is clear. Join us.

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